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Our machinery includes seven 5-axis machining centres. They are end-to-end in the machine traverse paths and are extremely powerful. We also have a deep-hole boring machine and a 3-axis milling machine. The two measuring and eroding machines complete our set of machinery. 


  • 5-axis machining center | REIDEN | RX 12 | incl. 5-fold pallet changer
  • 5-axis machining center | DMG | DMF 260-11 linear
  • 5-axis machining center | DMG | DMU 100T
  • 5-axis portal milling center | EiMa | Gamma XT
  • 5-axis portal milling center | DMG | DMC 105 V linear
  • 5-axis portal milling center | DMG | DMC 105 V linear | incl. 3-fold pallet changer
  • 5-axis portal milling center | HURON | KX 100
  • 4-axis machining center and deep-hole boring machine | BUCK | TBFZ 1100
  • 3-axis machining center | DMG | DMC 635V
  • Measuring machine | STIEFELMAYER 
  • Measuring machine | STIEFELMAYER | in air-conditioned room
  • Spark eroding machine | INGERSOLL | IC 1800
  • Spark eroding machine | INGERSOLL | IG 1000 E

    Current machinery list

    Pallet changer

    5-axis milling centre with 5x pallet changer. This means we are fast and efficient. Small series in high quality represent no problem for us.

    New addition

    We have added a spark eroding machine from Ingersoll to our machinery.
    Max. workpiece size
    1500 × 900 × 550 mm

    Small series

    Now even quicker for low volumes. Also, we have splashed out on a 3x pallet changer for our DMC 105 V.

    Clamping system

    Our zero-point clamping system means we are precise and flexible. Our high rack storage area helps to quickly reload the milling centres.

    • Co-financed by the European Union*
      The investment in our new 5-axis RX 12 machining centre was co-financed by the European Union from the European fund for regional development.