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Highly specialised, reliable and solutions-orientated.

Our range of services.

In the automotive, mechanical engineering, aerospace sectors, as well as the packaging & household products industries and energy management and medical technology, we offer the highest levels of precision and ingenious solutions in the design phase, and top quality and longevity of products.

The materials we can machine are diverse: polystyrene, foam, synthetics, wood, aluminium (normal and high-strength), cast aluminium, cast iron, steel, high-grade steel, tool steel, bronze and brass.

Model manufacturing

  • Foundry equipment
  • Core setting jigs
  • Prototype equipment
  • Hand mould models
  • Lost models (polystyrene)
  • Function models and fixtures
  • Data control, wind tunnel and styling models
  • Cubing
  • Laminate moulds and GRP parts
  • Prototypes
  • Permanent moulds

Mould construction

  • Foaming tools for vehicle interiors
  • Foaming tools for vehicle power systems
  • Foaming tools for foam/PUR parts
  • Water jet holding fixtures
  • Prototype tools
  • USW welding fixtures
  • Tools for carbon parts
  • Deep-drawing tools
  • Pre-production tools for vehicle power systems

Tool manufacturing

  • Foaming tools for rigid foam, rubber and PU parts
  • GMPU tools
  • Compression mouldings
  • RIM tools
  • Fleece press tools
  • Laminating tools
  • Assembly jigs
  • Clamping fixtures
  • Die cast moulds
  • Standard moulds for vehicle power systems

Gauge manufacturing

  • Measuring fixtures
  • Checking gauges
  • Control equipment
  • Cubing gauges
  • Calibres