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We are synonymous with the success of your product.

With our name. For over 70 years.

Since 1948, the M.REUSS name has been synonymous with reliability and quality in model, mould and tool manufacturing. As a reliable and professional partner, our services are in demand - particularly when the tasks are challenging. Our speciality is delivering innovative all-in-one solutions.

Efficient team work with our excellently qualified employees means we are flexible and are able to guarantee international technical standards. Using our state-of-the-art machinery, we are converting projects into powerful products for you within the shortest of times - with the zero point clamping system developed in-house for short tooling times and maximum flexibility, primarily for single parts and low volumes. From the 5-axis milling centres with palletiser systems for speedy cycle times. To the measuring and eroding machines with an accuracy down to 0.03 mm.

As a partner to international industry, it is our goal to bring into alignment economic actions and ecological thinking. Environment protection is part of our corporate strategy and our quality management. Sustainable recycling, targeted deployment of resources and environmentally-friendly technologies make a key contribution towards this.

The ecological responsibility of our company resulted in 2011 in the installation and start-up of a 86 KWp photovoltaics system. The photovoltaic arrays, with a total area of 1400 m², represent another contribution by the company towards the environment. With this installation, not only will in excess of 85,000 kWh/year of electricity be generated in coming years, also more than 500 tons of harmful CO2 emissions are prevented compared to conventional power generation. Using an eSAVER, voltage fluctuations of the normed mains voltage can be reduced to a minimum. This means energy losses are minimised and overall power consumption sinks.

Our company is based in Schwarzach am Main. The picturesque town, that is famous across the region for its Münsterschwarzach Benedictine abbey, has excellent transportation links lying close to the A3 and A7 motorways, and is near the university city of Würzburg and industrial town of Schweinfurt. The central location in Germany means deliveries to customer locations within Europe are equally good and quick.