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Mould construction

Our core business is mould manufacturing. Be it manual moulds for low volumes or industrial moulds for mass production – we channel our experience in product and process optimisation into the early development phase. Here we make ourselves all the parts of a die that have a shaping function.

All processes between design, production and assembly are short and fine-tuned perfectly to each other. And with you - our customers. This is because we want to give your idea a shape that is suitable, works and meets your requirements.

And we want to do that to perfection.

"Nobody can show us how mould manufacturing is done."

Managing Director Matthias Reuss

We offer the following range of services in mould manufacturing:

  • Foaming tools for vehicle interiors
  • Foaming tools for vehicle power systems
  • Foaming tools for foam/PUR parts
  • Water jet holding fixtures
  • Prototype tools
  • USW welding fixtures
  • Tools for carbon parts
  • Deep-drawing tools
  • Pre-production tools for vehicle power systems
  • Tool manufacturin

Production examples prototyping