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Gauge manufacturing

It is not only in the automotive sector that checking and measuring gauges are becoming increasingly important due to continually stricter quality requirements. This is why fixture and gauge manufacturing is a key focus at M.REUSS.

Because accuracy knows neither compromises nor fluctuations, all precision parts and fixtures are checked by ourselves in our own air-conditioned measuring rooms under constant temperature and air-conditioning conditions.

Many years’ expertise and perfected quality management ensure that our well-thought-out gauges satisfy the most exacting of standards. The M.REUSS gauge packet includes consultancy, design, production, assembly, and a digital test report and gauge capability report.

“We manufacturer our gauges down to an accuracy of 0.05 mm.”

Managing Director Markus Reuss

We offer the following range of services in gauge manufacturing:

  • Measuring fixtures
  • Checking gauges
  • Control equipment
  • Cubing gauges
  • Calibres

Production examples