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Manufacturing and developing with a cost awareness requires optimised processes - that we apply proactively in a measurable way to DIN ISO 9001:2015 with permanent dialogue. This means for you consistent quality on a high level. In the quotation phase, we check the realisation of orders as regards deadlines. Programs for order planning and realisation, specially tailored to our workflow, control capacities, production throughput, delivery notes and data archiving. All change revisions and individual processes are back-trackable and safeguarded at all times.

From the idea to quality product

Our process and development knowledge transforms your concepts into quality M.REUSS products within the shortest of times – tested, assessed and modified to perfection. Our experience helps in the fine-tuning of new product concepts and for trial/test runs. Now, ongoing process optimisation enables us to manufacture faster (measurable from 10 to 30%) because we have moved directly to the machine the production processes. This guarantees you high levels of delivery dependability and realisation of your requirements in the short term.


We are not only certified to DIN ISO 9001: 2015, we also offer our customers quality that we are continually improving. State-of-the-art machinery that meets the strictest of demands, the internal process optimisations and a continually advancing level of automation ultimately ensure that quality and productivity at M.REUSS enjoy continued development.

Quality assurance

We not only check the quality of your product after the design phase and after order completion using the measurement report, we also guarantee it during production. This is possible in-house with several fully configured Tebis workplaces. The tools of the milling heads themselves and the machine traversing paths are checked for collisions. Complex correlations are detected and realised more easily with an additional check of the design using virtual models on the machines.

Our final checks are performed using the two Stiefelmeyer measurement machines in the air-conditioned measuring room. This means the strictest customer requirements made of final checks and measuring reports are met.

ISO certification

Certificate ISO 9001:2015

The ISO 9001:2008 standard forms the basis of our quality management system, that specifies the worldwide existing requirements of the automotive industry of quality and performance of a company and its suppliers.


Our productive efficiency and quality are only ever as good as our employees. It is therefore important to us that our team accepts the tasks at hand with motivation and is willing to gain further qualifications. The commitment and skills of our employees are the decisive factors for satisfied customers, and so the success of the company.

Some of our employees have been with the company for more than 25 years. But also many young people complete our team. Most of our employees have taken part in our in-house training. We take on one to three trainees every year. This means years of expertise is complemented by good training.

We can be very proud of our chamber of commerce winners on national, federal and regional level:

Our winners in the Lower Franconia region in vocational training (since 1984):

  • 1984 Jürgen Hornig
  • 1985 Ralf Völler
  • 1986 Bernhard Dorsch
  • 1988 Johann Kraus
  • 1989 Roland Öchsner
  • 1994 Thomas Schellhorn
  • 1996 Martin Selsam
  • 1997 Frank Gebert
  • 1999 Andreas Schuster
  • 2001 Thomas Schreiber
  • 2005 Daniel Diez
  • 2006 Jotu Chowdhury
  • 2007 Christian Fink
  • 2008 Philipp Schlereth
  • 2010 Patrik Ott
  • 2011 Stefan Zimmermann
  • 2012 Bernd Richter, Michael Fröhling
  • 2014 Florian Hein
  • 2015 Philipp Roth
  • 2018 Franziska Kornell
  • 2019 Anne Eichelbrönner
  • 2020 Laurin Kleinschnitz
  • 2020 Moritz Klüpfel
  • 2022 Toni Burger

winners in the bavarian region and also complete germany in vocational training (since 1984):

  • 1989 Roland Öchsner, 2. Landes-Sieger
  • 1996 Martin Selsam, Landes-Sieger und Bundes-Sieger
  • 1999 Andreas Schuster, Landes-Sieger
  • 2001 Thomas Schreiber, Landes-Sieger und 3. Bundes-Sieger
  • 2012 Bernd Richter, Landes-Sieger und Bundes-Sieger
  • 2012 Michael Fröhling, Landes-Sieger und 4. Bundes-Sieger
  • 2015 Philipp Roth, Landes-Sieger
  • 2018 Franziska Kornell, Landes-Sieger
  • 2019 Anne Eichelbrönner, Landes-Sieger
  • 2020 Laurin Kleinschnitz, 2. Landes-Sieger
  • 2020 Moritz Klüpfel, Landes-Sieger
  • 2022 Toni Burger, Landes-Sieger

master in model builder / master in precision mechanic (since 1983):

  • 1983 Frank Bauer
  • 1989 Ralf Völler
  • 1990 Jürgen Hornig
  • 1995 Matthias Lambrecht
  • 1998 Matthias Reuss, beste Meisterprüfung süddeutscher Raum
  • 2010 Michael Rehberger
  • 2022 Laurin Kleinschnitz
  • 2023 Stefan Rüth